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聯系人:莊 延 山(先生)

地 址:大石橋市南樓經濟開發區高莊村

電 話:0417-5289488  13904074678

郵 箱:dsqbohai@126.com

郵 編:115100


Yingkou Bohai Magnesium Materials Co., Ltd.

Contact: Zhuang Yanshan (Mr.)

Location: Gaozhuang Village, Nanlou Economic Development Zone, Dashiqiao City

Phone call: +86 0417-5289488  +86 13904074678

Mailbox: dsqbohai@126.com 

Zip code: 115100

耐火材料(輕燒鎂球、輕燒鎂粉)行業將實行動態公告管理 Refractories (lightly burned magnesium balls, lightly burned magnesium powder) industry will implement dynamic announcement management

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耐火材料(輕燒鎂球、輕燒鎂粉)行業將實行動態公告管理 Refractories (lightly burned magnesium balls, lightly burned magnesium powder) industry will implement dynamic announcement management

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http://www.hakatayanoodle.com The refractory industry will implement dynamic announcement management

   In recent years, with the decline in downstream industry demand, a series of problems such as overcapacity in the refractory industry and high receivables have begun to become prominent. Industry experts said that the introduction of the "Measures" will help improve the situation of excess capacity and increase the opportunities for restructuring of leading enterprises.

At present, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has issued a draft of the "Measures" for comments. According to Xu Dianli, vice president of the China Refractories Industry Association, the problem of oversupply and disorderly competition in the market due to severe overcapacity has made some refractories companies difficult to operate. "In the third quarter of 2014, nearly 60% of small and medium-sized refractory companies in some major refractory production areas were in the state of suspension or semi-discontinuation." Xu Dianli believes that in the next 2 to 3 years, domestic demand for refractory materials will fall to about 24 million tons. The refractory industry urgently needs specification upgrades.

For the outstanding problems in the industry, the Measures require that the refractories company applying for announcement must have independent legal personality; and meet the requirements of the "Specification Conditions for Refractories Industry (2014 Edition)". Control new production capacity, encourage the implementation of equal or reduced replacement, rely on existing refractories production enterprises, through joint reorganization, "retreat from the city and enter the park", carry out technological transformation, promote energy conservation and emission reduction, production and promotion of irregular refractories, Optimize the industrial structure and increase the concentration of production.