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聯系人:莊 延 山(先生)

地 址:大石橋市南樓經濟開發區高莊村

電 話:0417-5289488  13904074678

郵 箱:dsqbohai@126.com

郵 編:115100


Yingkou Bohai Magnesium Materials Co., Ltd.

Contact: Zhuang Yanshan (Mr.)

Location: Gaozhuang Village, Nanlou Economic Development Zone, Dashiqiao City

Phone call: +86 0417-5289488  +86 13904074678

Mailbox: dsqbohai@126.com 

Zip code: 115100

遼寧輕燒鎂球供應商聯盟在大石橋市召開成立大會 Liaoning Light Burned Magnesium Ball Suppliers Union Inaugurated in Dashiqiao City

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遼寧輕燒鎂球供應商聯盟在大石橋市召開成立大會 Liaoning Light Burned Magnesium Ball Suppliers Union Inaugurated in Dashiqiao City

發布日期:2015-09-16 00:00 來源:http://www.hakatayanoodle.com 點擊:

    9月15日上午,由營口青花集團、海城后英集團共同發起的遼寧鎂質材料供應商聯盟在大石橋市召開成立大會,遼寧省共有26家鎂質材料企業及科研院所成為聯盟成員,標志著輕燒鎂球廠家將在產業聯盟指導下,開創一條生產和經營的新路子。遼寧省經信委、工業特種資源保護辦公室領導及大石橋市副市長王海林出席會議?! ?/p>

    王海林在成立大會上致辭,推介大石橋鎂產業優勢,并代表大石橋市委、市政府和全體鎂質材料企業,向關心支持大石橋市鎂質產業發展的省市領導和各位企業家表示感謝。他指出,遼寧鎂質材料產業聯盟的成立是推進以企業為主體創新發展模式的重要舉措,是強化企業發展主體地位的一次有益嘗試。聯盟成立后,有利于整合產業技術創新資源,深化產學研合作,推動企業結構調整和產業化升級,同時還將引導企業誠信自律,規范市場秩序,共同開拓產品市場,并為政府制定政策提出建議?! ?/p>

    大會通過了《關于組建遼寧鎂質材料產業聯盟的倡議書》、《遼寧耐火材料產業聯盟的章程》及聯盟理事會領導機構。26家聯盟成員將按照一個聯盟、兩個區域的思路,以海城、大石橋兩個鎂質材料生產基地為依托,以東北亞鎂質材料交易中心、遼寧省鎂質材料工程研究中心、國家鎂質耐火材料質量監督檢驗中心等單位為支撐,通過進一步整合資源,規范市場交易,拓展市場服務領域,實現突破產業發展的核心和關鍵技術、完善提升產業鏈、促進經濟結構調整和產業優化升級、提高產業核心競爭力的目標?! ?/p>




On the morning of September 15, the Liaoning Magnesium Material Suppliers Alliance, co-sponsored by Yingkou Blue and White Group and Haicheng Houying Group, held its inaugural meeting in Dashiqiao City. A total of 26 magnesium materials companies and research institutes in Liaoning Province became members of the alliance. It indicates that the manufacturers of light-burned magnesium balls will create a new way of production and operation under the guidance of the industrial alliance. The leader of Liaoning Provincial Commission of Economics and Information Technology, the Office of Industrial Special Resources Protection and Deputy Mayor of Dashiqiao City attended the meeting.

    Wang Hailin delivered a speech at the inaugural meeting to promote the advantages of Dashiqiao magnesium industry, and on behalf of Dashiqiao Municipal Party Committee, municipal government and all magnesium material enterprises, thanked provincial and municipal leaders and entrepreneurs who care about supporting the development of Dashiqiao magnesium industry. He pointed out that the establishment of the Liaoning Magnesium Material Industry Alliance is an important measure to promote the innovative development model of taking enterprises as the main body, and it is a useful attempt to strengthen the main body of enterprise development. After the establishment of the alliance, it will help integrate industrial technology innovation resources, deepen cooperation between industry, universities, and research institutes, and promote corporate structural adjustment and industrialization upgrades.At the same time, it will also guide companies to conduct self-discipline, standardize market order, jointly develop product markets, and make recommendations for government policies. .

    The conference adopted the "Proposal Letter on Forming the Liaoning Magnesium Material Industry Alliance", "The Charter of the Liaoning Refractories Industry Alliance", and the governing body of the Council of the Alliance. The 26 alliance members will follow the thinking of one alliance and two regions, relying on two magnesium material production bases in Haicheng and Dashiqiao, with Northeast Asia Magnesium Material Trading Center, Liaoning Magnesium Material Engineering Research Center, and the State Supported by the Magnesia Refractories Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and other units, through further integration of resources, standardization of market transactions, expansion of market service areas, breakthroughs in core and key technologies for industrial development, improvement of the industrial chain, promotion of economic structure adjustment, and industrial optimization and upgrading To improve the core competitiveness of the industry.

    At the meeting, the chairman of the alliance stated that "holding the warmth and staying together for the winter" is the way for refractories companies to face the industry's dilemma. The industry alliance is to ensure the market advantages of each member unit and seek new scale, standards, functions or positioning. The purpose is to form a cooperation model of mutual cooperation and resource integration among enterprises. He promised that http://www.hakatayanoodle.com will take the lead to abide by the charter of the industry alliance, implement the alliance initiative, and act in accordance with the agreement of the alliance, hoping that each member unit will comply, be trustworthy and self-discipline to achieve common development.